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When 48% of small businesses say that a major data breach would likely shut down their business permanently, it is quite concerning; and knowing that one of the major challenges to onboarding cybersecurity for SMBs is cost, makes this truth even more heartbreaking.

When breach happens, it’s not only a business’ monetary and brand value that gets hit; but it’s also all the hard work that goes behind building and growing the business; not to mention the family members of everyone from the business whose security and well-being are put at stake.  No one talks about the people in the business that get affected, and yet, it’s a major part of the consequence of a business that succumbs to havoc due to a breach they could’ve prevented or better managed had they had some type of cybersecurity implemented.

With this in mind and our passion to ensure cybersecurity for all businesses, small and large, we’ve added a new offering to our MyCSO SMB solutions that will help even a business that has no budget for cybersecurity.  This solution is our: MyCSO Cybersecurity Training.

With MyCSO Cybersecurity Training small businesses have the opportunity to get a cyber health check; create documents, such as policies and procedures to implement across the enterprise; and put into place phishing simulations with training and tracking videos that make any employee (tech savvy or not) understand what to look for when it comes to phishing.

You’ve read on our blog and heard about on the news (throughout the years) how the rise in phishing attacks isn’t going to slow down anytime soon; and that ransomware and BEC emails are at a high; not to mention the ease with which cyber criminals can get into your network due to app vulnerabilities.  You also, know about the lack in cybersecurity expertise to bring onboard and the cost that sometimes having an entire IT department and team implies. And you know that sooner or later, you’re going to have to meet compliance regulations (just think of GDPR and CCPA), if you’re going to avoid fines.  The point is, you can’t wait to get started with cybersecurity, and now you don’t have to thanks to our MyCSO Cybersecurity Training solution.

When you think of why any business does what they do and the work that goes towards getting the business growth needed to be sustainable and to go beyond; things like passion and purpose come to mind.  But also, effort and hard work, on the part of business executives and the team.

Don’t let any of this be at risk any longer, take a look at MyCSO Cybersecurity Training to start protecting your business right away!

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