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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Services to keep your business safe.

Cybersecurity is hard, you don’t have to go it alone. It’s our business to protect your business.  Where would you like to start?

Expertise You Need When You Need It

Information Security

Avoid uncertainty and chaos; and achieve certainty in your Cybersecurity approach with measurable, repeatable, and demonstrable results.

Business Continuity

Business Disruption can be expensive. What Will it Cost to Recover? What’s the Plan? If you don’t know the answers we can help.

Incident Response

No matter your level of security or preparedness there’s always a chance something can go wrong. How Will Your Organization Respond?

MyCSO Managed Security Operations

Designed Specifically for Small and Midsized Enterprises in mind. NCX provides a security team and technology approach to protecting your business while reducing security costs.

Changing World, Greater Risks

COVID 19 Has Greatly Impacted All Aspects of our Lives, Including Cybersecurity for Every Organization.  Attacks can come from anywhere due to confusion, misinformation, a remote workforce, and massive changes to IT Infrastructures; cybercriminals exploit these vulnerabilities.  Don’t Become A Statistic.


Percentage of businesses that have no information risk management plan.


Percentage of businesses that admit a shortage of cyber security skills.


Percentage of employees now work remotely.

Protecting Your Data Isn’t Just About Security and Privacy; It’s Also About Protecting Your Bottom Line.

Don’t let the rising cyber security threats threaten your business! Start protecting it now with NCX Group’s comprehensive program and proven risk mitigation strategies. It’s time to take charge and protect your business!

NCX Group has the expertise to help you devise a strategic plan that simplifies risk, addresses cybersecurity complexities, and secures your remote workforce. With 20+ years of experience managing critical threats, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to grow your business and achieve greater success. Take control of your future and start protecting your business now!

Identify Your Cybersecurity Risks

NCX Group will utilize our proven Secure24 Cybersecurity Assessment Methodology to identify all of the potential risks to your business and provide comprehensive findings to determine the risk and compliance requirements.

Develop A Plan For Success & Growth

The results of the assessment will create a strategic and tactical remediation plan for your organization. We will work with your team to determine roles, responsibilities and timetables for your remediation plan.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Our Managed Detection and Response service and our Governance, Risk and Compliance platforms are both leveraging AI to respond and manage emerging threats and complex regulations. Our goal is to see your business thrive in these challenging times.

Our Business is
Protecting Your Business

NCX Group serves clients both nationally and internationally across all market segments that require comprehensive cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance.


Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Companies are one fund’s transfer fraud, ransomware, or email compromise away from exposure.


Healthcare is the only industry where the risk of a threat is more likely to come from within the organization than from the outside.


Cybersecurity in Higher Education is very complex and filled with regulation.  Ever-evolving cybersecurity attacks constantly threaten higher education institutions. 

Public Sector

Public and government entities experience more cyber incidents than any other industry.  Public breaches are over 2.5 times more likely to be undiscovered for years.

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No matter your level of security or preparedness there’s always a chance something can go wrong. How Will Your Organization Respond?