Information Security is About Liability, Accountability and Ultimately Your Profitability.

It’s Our Business To Protect Your Business, Where Would You Like To Start?

Information Security

NCX offers Strategic and Tactical Information Security Services designed to protect the data in your business and meet compliance.

Business Continuity

Business Disruption can be expensive. What Will it Cost to Recover? What’s the Plan? If you don’t know the answers we can help.

Incident Response

No matter your level of security or preparedness there’s always a chance something can go wrong. How Will Your Organization Respond?

MyCSO Security Services

Designed Specifically for SMB in mind.  NCX can bring a security team approach to protecting your business while reducing security costs.

Cost Of A Cyber Security Breach Now Exceeds 7 Million

50% Of All Small Businesses Experienced A Cyber Security Breach In 2018

62% Of All Businesses Have No Information Risk Management Plan

74% Of Businesses Admit A Shortage Of Cyber Security Skills

90% Of All Vulnerabilities Are In the Applications

80% Of The Money Spent On Information Security Is Spent On The Network



It’s Time To Rethink Your Business Risk With MyCSO Services

The risks are greater and more costly now than they were 10 years ago.  Did you know that the average cost of a breach is now $7MM? Did you also know that over 50% of small and medium businesses experienced a breach in 2018?  Out of those attacks, 66% of those companies won’t survive more than six months.

Small and Midsize Enterprises are the primary targets for the bad guys around the world.  Research also shows 74% of businesses are reporting a shortage of cybersecurity skills, and that nearly 50% of businesses have no understanding of how to protect their companies.

It’s Time To Look At These Business Challenges Differently, and MyCSO Is The Solution.



Cyber Security Expertise You Need When You Need It With NCX Group Staffing


Over the last 15 years, we have successfully helped numerous companies and organizations in all market segments become more secure, mitigate their risk, actually meet compliance & regulatory requirements and ultimately grow revenues.

Research shows that 74% of businesses are reporting a severe shortage of cybersecurity professionals and that’s why we created NCX Group Staffing.



Phishing Is A Serious Threat To Businesses


NCX Group conducts phishing simulations as an effective way to test employees’ security awareness and susceptibility to social engineering tactics. By focusing on phishing, your company can meet a significant need while using a highly automated method.

Let’s Talk About What We Can Do For Your Business! Not all consulting engagements are created equally find out why NCX Group is a difference your business can count on.



Experience You Can Trust

“NCX Group’s experience, knowledge and hard working ethics makes them a true leader in the security space. Their understanding of the security ecosystem gives NCX Group an advantage to provide excellent security services. I trust the team at NCX Group for continued support.”

CSO, Software Company

“NCX Group has been extremely helpful in this age of security nightmares. I am happy to recommend NCX Group to anyone who is ready to improve their information security program.”

CSO - Healthcare Provider

“With NCX Group’s Expertise, we have been able to secure New Strategic Partnerships which increased our revenues by 2 Billion annually.”

CEO, Mortgage Company

“The NCX Group team is one of the best Security Firms we have worked with since 2004. NCX Group is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of Process Improvement, IT Security, Compliance and Regulation.”

CIO, Healthcare Provider

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