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MyCSO Managed Security Services

Protect your business with MyCSO Managed Security Services – comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs.

MyCSO Managed Cybersecurity Services: Propel Growth, Fortify Security, and Enhance Cost Efficiency


Securing Success: Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions for Growth and Efficiency

Discover MyCSO Managed Cybersecurity Services – the ideal solution for detecting and mitigating risks, safeguarding your business from cyber threats, and adopting a cost-effective approach to cybersecurity. With data breach expenses predicted to reach $10.5 trillion globally by 2025 and ransomware attacks on an upward trajectory, it’s crucial for businesses, especially those in technology, banking, financial services, and healthcare, to secure sensitive information.

At NCX Group, we recognize the complex cybersecurity challenges and risks that businesses and organizations face in today’s fast-paced business environment. With over two decades of experience navigating the cybersecurity landscape and mitigating risks, our expert team has crafted managed services that seamlessly integrate risk management into your organization.

Drawing upon our proven methodologies and expertise, our MyCSO Managed Services offer four bespoke solutions – MyCSO Advisor, MyCSO Operations, MyCSO Assurance, and MyCSO Awareness – each uniquely designed to address the unique needs of our clients while optimizing operational costs.

Our process is meticulously developed to identify risks, establish a clear remediation plan, and implement a cybersecurity strategy grounded in business process accountability. This approach results in measurable, repeatable, and demonstrable outcomes. We are committed to offering a comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solution, ensuring your business remains protected from threats while promoting continuous growth.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; protect your business and its reputation with MyCSO Managed Services. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization thrive while maintaining robust security.

NCX Group Security an opinion leader in the information security and data protection communities. I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know the team at NCX Group over the past several years. NCX Group has built an excellent reputation helping companies deal with cybersecurity and related attacks.

I’m pleased to recommend NCX Group and MyCSO as it provides the structure that small and midsize businesses need today to develop an effective Cybersecurity Program.

Dr. Larry Ponemon

Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute

MyCSO Advisor

Strengthen Your Business Security with MyCSO Advisor’s Expert Assessment Services

MyCSO Advisor provides tailored cybersecurity assessment services for businesses of all sizes and types, offering a comprehensive evaluation of potential vulnerabilities through in-depth scans, reviews, and interviews with our team of experts.

At NCX Group, we understand the devastating consequences of a cybersecurity breach and prioritize providing businesses with a practical and compelling roadmap for maintaining a secure digital environment. 

Our tailored assessments provide customized roadmaps to address specific security concerns and compliance requirements like NIST 800-171, CMMC, HIPAA, the new FTC Safeguard Rules, and GDPR while reducing your risk and helping safeguard critical data against potential threats.

Partnering with NCX Group and utilizing MyCSO Advisor enables businesses to mitigate cybersecurity risks and safeguard critical data, protecting against potential threats. Secure your business with our customized assessments and strategic roadmaps.

Contact us today to take proactive steps toward a more secure business environment.

MyCSO Operations

Reinforce Your Business with Continuous Cybersecurity Defense

Protecting your business from cybersecurity threats requires a team of experts monitoring your systems around the clock. That’s where MyCSO Operations comes in – our comprehensive, managed cybersecurity service for businesses.

With MyCSO Operations, you have 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring, managed detection and response, risk management, advanced threat analysis, and incident response. Best of all, you can outsource your Security Operations Center (SOC) and minimize the burden on your internal team.

Partnering with NCX Group and utilizing MyCSO Operations can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we have your back so you can focus on running a successful business without worrying about cyber risks or high-profile breaches!

Get the expert protection your business needs with MyCSO Operations. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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MyCSO Assurance

Navigating Cyber Risk Management and Compliance with Confidence

Does managing your business’s cybersecurity program have you overwhelmed?

Look no further than MyCSO Assurance! Our managed service provides businesses with comprehensive cyber risk management and regulatory compliance solutions, making it easy to navigate industry regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, and GDPR. Moreover, our innovative AI platform, combined with over 20 years of NCX Group’s cybersecurity consulting expertise, ensures you get the best possible support.

With MyCSO Assurance, never worry about being unprepared for an audit or failing to meet regulatory requirements – we ensure it all runs smoothly for you! You won’t find a system like this anywhere else; trust us to help you tackle the complexity of securing your business from potential cyber threats.

Partner with NCX Group today and start utilizing our MyCSO Assurance services now!

MyCSO Awareness

Complete security awareness training solution for Small Businesses

Are you looking to reduce human risk and protect your business from cyber threats?

MyCSO Awareness is the complete human risk protection platform, offering ready-to-edit cyber policy templates and checklists, an extensive library of training videos and materials, an industry-leading phishing simulator, and human risk reduction reporting.

Through a subscription-based model, MyCSO Awareness delivers monthly new micro-learning videos that are designed to keep users updated on the most current real-world threats. The training sessions are tailored according to a business’s unique needs while being user-friendly and fun simultaneously – so everyone learns without disruption. And with options for customized reporting or outsourcing phishing testing for maximum effectiveness, it’s easy to invest in creating a cybersecurity awareness culture with MyCSO Awareness.

Get started today by signing up for MyCSO Awareness!

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Quarterly Phishing Testing

Research shows that 91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing attack. Our Quarterly Phishing Service is a great addition to MyCSO and your awareness program.

Quarterly External Network Testing

Periodic testing of your external network is a fundamental component to a robust security program. Many compliance requirements mandate external network testing.

Policy and Procedure Development

At the core of every great security program is a great set of Policies, Procedures, and Controls. We will work with your organization to develop these documents using NIST, HiTrust and ISO Standards.

Web Application and Website Testing

Research shows that 90% of all vulnerabilities are in Web Applications and Websites. Web Application and Website testing are critical today as we all rely heavily on that business presence.

Real Time 24x7x365 Security Event Management

Security Event Management is a critical component not only from a cyber security management standpoint as many compliance requirements mandate it. The best part is that we provide the technology and manage it 24x7x365 for you.

Real Time Network Malware Monitoring

Gain access to next-gen technology with advanced, proactive and lateral detection. We monitor and alert you of known and emerging viruses. We provide the cyber security protection that your other services aren’t.

Cyber Security Staffing Solutions

Research shows that 74% of organizations find there is a severe shortage of information security professionals. Our staffing solutions provide options for your company nationally and internationally.

Vendor Risk Management and Contract Negotiation

With more businesses moving pieces of their operations to the cloud it is more important than ever to have a robust vendor risk management group. To that point, NCX Group has partnered with a leading cyber risk attorney for contract review services.

Cyber Breach Insurance

Cyber Breach Insurance is the final piece to the comprehensive security program. NCX Group is partnering with a top 10 Cyber Insurance Company to provide this service. The best part is that every MyCSO Client will receive a significant discount on their policy.

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