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Secure Your Business with Our Cyber Resiliency Consulting Services

Being Prepared for a Disruptive Event Can Keep You in Business

​A well-crafted business continuity plan can be the deciding factor between a company that survives and one that fails. Recent studies have found that 40 percent of businesses that close their doors for three days or less don’t stay afloat for more than 36 months after the fact. To prevent disruption from leading to a total shutdown, it’s essential to prepare ahead of time with an effective incident response and business resiliency plan.

Given the significant threats posed by cybercrime in today’s world, it’s essential to factor in cyber resiliency when creating a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. Taking proactive steps such as backing up data, training staff on security protocols, and understanding potential threats all contribute to cyber preparedness and help ensure any disruption does not lead to massive losses or downtime.

By staying ahead of potential disruptions, you can get your business back up and running swiftly while still avoiding costly losses due to downtime. Investing in a comprehensive disaster recovery plan is invaluable – and likely indispensable – for executives at all levels.

How NCX Group’s Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning Services Can Help

Our Business Continuity Services provide a comprehensive view of your business processes, allowing you to understand the different impacts disasters would have on your operations and how best to prepare for them.

Our experienced team of professionals can help you build robust disaster recovery plans that will protect your business from any disaster, whether it be natural disasters, cyber threats, or human error.

Our business continuity and resiliency plans provide flexible solutions that are tailored to fit the specific needs of your company, giving you the confidence that you’re protected no matter what comes your way.

With our services and expertise, you’ll be able to access data quickly in order to continue serving clients and customers with minimal disruption. Let NCX Group help ensure that your business is prepared for whatever may come.

Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning Services Include:

Business Continuity Assessment – Recover24 Comprehensive Continuity Review

Our business continuity and resiliency assessment strategy are one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our approach considers all potential risks – people, process, technology, and facility – and implements a three-dimensional matrix to identify the appropriate recovery plan for your business. By thoroughly assessing all aspects of your company’s operations, we can provide you with the necessary recommendations for creating secure environments and a disaster recovery plan that meets your organization’s goals while minimizing its financial losses during unexpected disruptions or downtimes.

Business Continuity Plan Development

Creating a comprehensive business continuity and resiliency plan involves evaluating your organization’s operations, processes, and resources. Our approach ensures that all areas are identified and accounted for in order to minimize any disruption to your business. Moreover, our guidance model is designed to be flexible and scalable, so it can effectively respond to catastrophes of any scale.

Business Continuity Plan Review – PlanCheck

With NCX Group PlanCheck, businesses get access to experienced consultants and business continuity and resiliency planning professionals. Our review process helps ensure that your plans are up-to-date and secure against modern cybercrime threats, including ransomware and other malicious attacks. We ensure your plans account for the latest compliance requirements, so you can rest assured that your operations are secure and protected.

With NCX Group PlanCheck, you can gain a detailed understanding of the potential risks associated with extended operational interruptions and measure the effectiveness of your current recovery strategies. We evaluate your plans to ensure they are up-to-date and effective against new cyber threats and compliant with applicable regulations. You can rest assured that you have adequate protection against any data security incidents.

NCX Group PlanCheck evaluates your business continuity and resiliency planning to ensure your plans are not only up to date but also compliant with all relevant government regulations such as the new FTC SafeGuards, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, NFPA 1600, NIMS, and COOP statutes. Our review process will assess if these policies are in line with your business strategies and objectives while guarding against potential cyber threats such as ransomware or other malicious attacks.

NCX Group’s Business Continuity and Cyber Resiliency Consulting Services Team

Businesses in banking, finance, healthcare, and higher education are especially vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Our Business Continuity Practitioners are Fellows of the Business Continuity Institute with decades of experience in developing tailored plans that ensure resiliency and continuity should a cyber threat occur.

We understand the importance of privacy and data security for these industries and adhere to all new FTC Safeguards and all industry compliance requirements for business continuity and resilience when creating our plans.

We will work with you and your team to create a customized business continuity and resiliency plans that provide comprehensive protection against ransomware as well as the more traditional real-world threats for today’s complex world.

With our help, you can rest assured that your systems will remain secure and operational even during times of crisis. Invest in business continuity now to protect your organization from potential data breaches and loss!

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