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Phishing Is A Serious Threat To Your Business

Social engineering poses a significant risk to businesses, with phishing being a common tactic.

Spear-phishing is the most prevalent delivery method for advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. Today’s cyber criminals launch APT attacks with sophisticated malware and sustained, multi-vector and multi-stage campaigns to achieve a particular objective. In a typical spear-phishing attack, a specially crafted email is sent to specific individuals from a target organization. “APT campaigns frequently make use of spear-phishing tactics because they are essential to get high-ranking targets to open phishing emails,” the TrendLabs APT Research Team noted in the Trend Micro white paper.
Spear-phishing may be defined as highly targeted phishing aimed at specific individuals or groups within an organization. Spear-phishing makes use of information about a target to make attacks more specific and personal to the target. Spear-phishing is a targeted email scam with the sole purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Phishing Is A Serious Threat To Your Business In 2020


Credential Compromise Has Increased 70%


Spear phishing Increased To 64%


Vishing and/or Smishing Increased To 49%

Benefits to your Company

We understand that your company needs to benefit from using our solution. The benefits to your company include, but are not limited to, the following:

Increased Security

Phishing simulation provides quantifiable results that can be measured. These measurements allow improvement to be identified and tracked. Initially, you may expect 33 percent failure rate. After subsequent training, you can expect an ongoing failure rate around 5 percent, primarily due to employee turnover and employee forgetfulness. This fact is the reason for ongoing training and testing.


With comprehensive reporting, key stakeholders can understand the security weaknesses. This reporting helps obtain executive management buy-in for security initiatives.

Demonstrated Responsibility

As a responsible organization, your company should demonstrate to stakeholders, the steps that it has taken to address current threats, with social engineering attacks being a key threat.

Improved Training Retention

Employees can receive training on what to do and what to avoid, but until an employee experiences it, their actions are unknown. After seeing what is capable, employees understand and are more security conscious.

Net Reduced Training Cost

By pinpointing employees who are more susceptible, such as via the Repeat Failures Report, you can provide additional training to those employees without the cost and burden to other employees.

Limited Financial Risk

Our service provides a fixed fee for use. There are no additional up-charges or variable costs, excluding service changes.

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