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Phishing Is A Serious Threat To Your Business

Don’t be the next victim of a cyber attack

Cybercriminals use increasingly clever methods to steal personal information and login credentials.

Don’t let them get the best of you.

Phishing and social engineering attacks are becoming more common and sophisticated every day. Cybercriminals are using increasingly clever methods to steal personal information and login credentials, which can lead to devastating cyber attacks.

The best way to protect yourself from these attacks is to be aware of the dangers and know how to protect yourself. But even with the best precautions, you can still fall victim to a phishing attack if you’re not careful.

NCX Group’s Phishing and Cyber Awareness Training is the answer. This online training program will teach you how to identify phishing emails, malicious websites, and other types of cyber attacks. You’ll also learn how to protect your personal information and login credentials, so you can stay safe online.

Protect your business from the looming danger of phishing. Don’t let your guard down — stay vigilant and secure the future of your business.


Credential Compromise Has Increased 70%


Spear phishing Increased To 64%


Vishing and/or Smishing Increased To 49%

Benefits to your Company

We understand that your company should reap the rewards of utilizing our solution. Here are some of the benefits this can bring to your business:

Increased Security

Keep your business secure with frequent phishing simulation training. Start off with an estimated 33 percent failure rate, and aim to reduce it to around 5 percent after continual training and testing of your staff. Don’t take the risk of phishing lightly — be proactive and secure the future of your business.


Keep security risks top-of-mind with comprehensive reporting. Showcase the issues to executive management, and secure their buy-in for key security initiatives.

Demonstrated Responsibility

Make sure stakeholders are kept informed of the measures you’re taking to address threats — particularly those posed by social engineering attacks. Ensure your organization is held accountable for protecting itself and its stakeholders.

Improved Training Retention

Educate employees on security measures, and arm them with the knowledge of what to do — and not do. When they witness first-hand the consequences of lapses in security, they are more likely to remain alert and conscious of security protocols.

Net Reduced Training Cost

Identify any employees who are particularly susceptible to security risks, such as through the Repeat Failures Report. This way, you can target additional training for those employees without spending resources on those who don’t need it.

Limited Financial Risk

Enjoy a fixed fee for our service, with no hidden costs or additional upcharges — barring any changes in service..

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