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We help our clients to protect their critical data assets from cyber-attacks and ensure compliance with the latest industry standards.


Information security is only actually useful when organizations treat it as a business process.  This means doing things like assessing your security posture on a regular basis, eliminating the communication gap between leadership and security professionals and implementing the necessary steps to meet compliance while not overlooking the human component involved in maintaining a strong security posture.

Being prepared to respond appropriately to the stream of rapidly changing threats, technologies, and business conditions are not easy.  It requires identifying and evaluating potential vulnerabilities, developing information security programs and mitigating risks.  Two of the biggest challenges we’ve noticed businesses face to fulfill their security needs include resources and the know-how.

We help your organization proactively maintain a secure enterprise and adhere to regulatory compliance by providing you with the resources and the level of security assessment and testing that fits your business needs. We have the expertise and state-of-the-art tools to help you mitigate risks and maintain effective security programs to meet your operational complexity; a thorough evaluation of operational security risks, followed by necessary recommendations.

MyCSO Service

Organizations that hire consultants to help them contain and resolve breach incidents can reduce their costs and save over $1 million compared to businesses that take over 30 days to resolve the situation (Ponemon 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study). When you do the math, you can’t miss the cost savings this brings to your enterprise. With MyCSO Services not only do you save your business from the financial doom, but you also address and mitigate multiple threats across your business with just the right amount of expertise your team needed.

How NCX Group’s MyCSO Services can help.

With MyCSO Services, your business gains access to world-class Information Risk Management specialists for a much lower cost than by hiring full-time personnel. MyCSO Services also offers your business the opportunity to gain customized and cost-effective options to reduce the expenses associated with information risk management and regulatory compliance. To meet your needs and help you reduce your Information Risk Management Costs we offer three essential services:

Business Continuity

Studies have found that 40 percent of companies that shut down for three days failed within 36 months. No company can afford business disruption, let alone failure. These two points alone should make the value behind a business compliance and disaster recovery plan immeasurable for executives.

Being Prepared for a Disruptive Event Can Keep You in Business

If a disruption or disaster occurs that halts your business processes, you need to have a plan in place to get your business back on track as quickly as possible. This is the only way you are going to minimize damage and avoid heavy losses.

How NCX Group’s Business Continuity Services Can Help

Our Business Continuity Services help you determine the recovery requirements of your business. You gain a thorough audit of your operational processes; which gives you a clear understanding of how your IT infrastructure, remote sites, supply chain partners, and other areas support your working operations. As well as, what impact they would have on your business in the event of a catastrophe. NCX Group’s Business Continuity Planning Services span from initial planning, design, and testing to ensuring your current plans are efficient and provide resiliency across all layers or your business.

Incident Response

Are You Ready for a Security Breach and Court?

When a hacker gains access to your network, the need to quickly determine the point of entry, how the attack occurred, and what information the attacker gained access to is critical. The better prepared your organization is to respond quickly and effectively, the better chance you will have to minimize the damage.

As more and more court cases are won thanks to the proper handling of electronic evidence it becomes quite obvious how vital it is for your business to ensure proper handling takes place when a breach incident occurs. With the correct incident response services and team you will be prepared. NCX Group ensures your investigations are conducted thoroughly and professionally. We search for, collect, preserve and analyze electronic data in a way that stands up in court through our Incident Response and Computer Forensics Services.

How NCX Group’s Incident Response and Computer Forensics Services can help:

NCX Group’s Incident Response Services ensures you have a team of experts ready to respond immediately to a breach event. We secure your data and analyze information gathered from both volatile and static data such as malicious code, malformed packets, covert channels, reverse shells, rootkit infection and other data relevant to the incident.

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