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Introducing MyCSO Assurance: The Future of Cyber Risk Management and Compliance


Announcing MyCSO Assurance: A Revolutionary Cybersecurity Service

In an era where the digital landscape is constantly evolving, businesses face unprecedented challenges in protecting their data and ensuring regulatory compliance. NCX Group is at the forefront of addressing these challenges with the introduction of MyCSO Assurance, a service that heralds a new era of cyber risk management and regulatory compliance.


The Genesis of MyCSO Assurance

Over the past two decades, through more than a thousand assessments, we at NCX Group have identified consistent gaps in cybersecurity programs across various industries. These gaps not only leave organizations vulnerable to cyber-attacks but also hinder their compliance with regulatory standards and, ultimately, their growth. Recognizing this, we asked ourselves a pivotal question: How can we leverage our extensive experience to create a solution that addresses these challenges head-on?

The answer led to the creation of MyCSO Assurance. Designed with purpose, MyCSO Assurance is the culmination of 22 years of frontline experience in cybersecurity consulting. It embodies our commitment to transforming how businesses manage cyber risk and compliance.


What is MyCSO Assurance?

MyCSO Assurance by NCX Group represents the culmination of over two decades of cybersecurity consulting experience, distilled into a comprehensive solution designed to navigate the complexities of modern cyber threats and regulatory requirements. Our AI-powered platform, combined with our robust Secure24 assessment methodology, offers businesses a way to exhaustively evaluate and enhance their cybersecurity posture.


Comprehensive Evaluation

The Secure24 assessment methodology is at the heart of MyCSO Assurance. Through a series of rigorous assessments, including network vulnerability testing, web application testing, internal network assessment, and data protection review, we provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s security program. This exhaustive evaluation ensures a robust defense of sensitive information and scrutinizes security policies, processes, and mechanisms related to authentication, authorization, access control, intrusion detection systems, remote access protocols, and secure data transmission.

Our approach goes beyond traditional cybersecurity measures by assessing business risks and mitigation strategies, as well as reviewing cloud environments. This holistic view allows us to offer tailored recommendations that align with industry best practices and ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, GDPR, GLBA, and more.


The NCX Group MyCSO Assurance Warranty: A Game-Changer

Recognizing the need for an extra layer of reassurance, we introduce the NCX Group MyCSO Assurance Warranty. This unique warranty exemplifies our confidence in our services, providing financial coverage in the unlikely event of a breach. Automatically included at no additional charge, once specific prerequisites are met, the warranty offers up to $500,000 in coverage for costs associated with cyber threats such as ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), compliance penalties, cyber legal liability, and business income loss.


Key Features of the Warranty:

• Total Benefit Amount: Up to $500,000 with a 1-year contract

• Coverage Details:

o Ransomware and BEC: $100,000
o Compliance: $100,000
o Cyber Legal Liability: $250,000
o Business Income Loss: $50,000

Upon enrollment in the MyCSO Assurance Warranty Program, companies immediately qualify for an additional layer of protection: a $1-million-dollar cyber breach insurance policy available for just $1250.00 annually. This exclusive offering positions our warranty as unmatched in the cybersecurity consulting industry, providing unparalleled financial security and peace of mind.


Jumpstart IR Program with Arctic Wolf

In partnership with Arctic Wolf, we’re proud to introduce the Jump Start Incident Response Retainer Program. This initiative is designed to provide rapid, effective response capabilities in the event of breaches or ransomware attacks, featuring:

  • Rapid 1-hour response time for incidents
  • Preferential response rates at $295 per hour
  • Expert assistance with ransomware negotiations
  • An Incident Response Plan to prepare your business for swift action

This program ensures that, in the face of a cyber incident, your organization is not just ready but prepared to respond efficiently and effectively.


Why Choose MyCSO Assurance?

With MyCSO Assurance, businesses gain access to a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance cybersecurity posture, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide peace of mind through the unique NCX Group MyCSO Assurance Warranty and the proactive Jumpstart IR Program. This combination of advanced technology, expert consulting, and innovative warranty and response programs positions MyCSO Assurance as the future of cyber risk management and regulatory compliance.

In a world where cyber threats are ever-present and evolving, MyCSO Assurance offers the assurance and confidence businesses need to thrive. Welcome to the future of cybersecurity, where your growth is secured, and your peace of mind is guaranteed.


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