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Incident Response Planning

What Will You Do When Something Goes Wrong?

Incident Response Planning
Means Having A Plan For The Unexpected


When incident response plans aren’t effective, they may not work when needed, and they will cost businesses more money.  We help companies avoid this with our incident response planning and management services. 

Our incident response (IR) services offer:  

  • Timely corrective action 
  • Testing of the plans 
  • Meeting of regulatory and compliance requirements 
  • Effective communication 

Responsibilities and procedures are set in place to manage information and weaknesses:  

  • Reporting 
  • Assessing
  • Responding to and learning from information gathered 

Our IR services also include setting up reporting through the appropriate communication channels as quickly as possible, which is especially important for having a remote workforce. 

Everyone who works with the company, business associates included, are a part of what is integrated with the management services communication efforts: 

  • Employees 
  • Contractors 
  • Third-party users 

This allows for oversight and management of violations of workforce rules of behavior and acceptable use agreement to be addressed as needed. 

The reporting mechanism is easy to use, widely accessible, and available to all employees, enabling management responsibilities and procedures to be established to provide a quick, efficient, and orderly response to information security incidents. 

The increasing volume of attacks and subsequent alerts make it impossible to hire enough staff to investigate tens of thousands of alarms per month, nor would it make sense. This increases the need to prioritize threats and make conscious decisions about what to ignore.  

Through our IR management and planning services, organizations can consider automation to collect security data, reduce errors, automate run books/workbooks, improve triage, or increase the number of alerts that can be investigated. 

We also ensure you consider the disclosure of a breach, which is important to keep costs down and avoid fines for compliance regulations. 

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