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Industry Sectors We Cover

NCX Group serves customers across various market segments that require high data security, availability, and regulatory compliance. Each industry is subject to its own regulations or state privacy laws such as GLBA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or SB1386. Still, they all hold one thing in common: the need to protect employees and customers’ sensitive data. We identify risks and analyze organizations’ security posture within the following industries: Financial, Healthcare, Education, and Government, State, and Local.


Customers rely on the safeguards financial institutions put in place to protect their assets, including their identity, so maintaining that trust is paramount. Entities such as community banks, credit unions, securities firms, and others within the financial industry cannot afford to secure customer data.

It is recommended that regular security audits are performed on perimeter devices such as routers, firewalls, and network servers to ensure you have been configured properly, and that security measures are performing as expected. Unfortunately, securing your assets becomes more and more challenging as internet-based attacks on financial institutions become more sophisticated and increase the demand on IT staff to ensure security measures are in place that can meet your regulatory requirements.

NCX Group can guide you in maintaining regulatory compliance such as GLBA, FISMA, PCI DSS, and more; we identify any lapses in processes and controls that could put your company at risk of data exposure. Our consultants have vast financial security compliance knowledge, making us the perfect security partner for banking and credit companies.


Healthcare organizations process an incredible amount of personal sensitive data, and with the transition to EHRs and the implementation of ACA, the job just got harder. Add to these challenges the expanded definition of “personal information” where it now includes California with the AB 1298 expanded definition under the state’s data breach notification law (SB 1386), unencrypted medical information, and health insurance information.

Keeping your patient records private is not only important to your patients and mandatory, but it is also subject to compliance regulations; for all covered entities and business associates that fall under HIPAA/HITECH.

NCX Group understands the healthcare industries’ need for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic data, as well as your security requirements and compliance needs. We help you provide a secure and flexible approach to improving your information security while meeting security compliance laws.


Personally identifiable information held at the K-12, college, and university levels has become a treasure-trove for illegal entities on the black market.

With most educational systems being designed to allow free information exchange and open access anytime and anywhere, securing networks and information control policies is a real challenge. It is even more challenging when your institution must comply with numerous state privacy acts and regulations such as FERPA, HIPAA, and GLBA.

NCX Group helps your IT departments discern the vulnerabilities that come with disparate department networks. We identify the potential risk of unsecured assets that may expose the critical information of your students, staff, and faculty. We provide information security services to all educational institutions and work with JPA members to serve their clients.

  • K-12 institutions (schools and school district administrative offices)
  • Higher Education (colleges, universities, and private/technical schools)
  • Country, State, and Federal offices of education
  • Other associated vendors (benefits providers, service providers, student loan entities, etc.)

Government State and Local

City, state, and federal governments, including utilities, face daunting security challenges. To experience an information breach or intrusion to critical governmental controls could expose information that may harm the public, undermine city or state operations, and diminish public trust.

Due to the nature of government-held information, the level of repercussion is immeasurable. Furthermore, threats of cyber-terrorism, sabotage, and malicious viruses directed towards critical government information always abound. Securing assets requires constant vigilance and periodic assurance.

NCX Group provides the risk management analysis and recommendations you need to secure state and local government valued information assets from exposure.

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