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When you take into account that the average cost of a breach is now $7MM and that 66% of businesses won’t survive more than six months following a breach, it becomes very clear why cybersecurity is so important.  The wait and watch approach is becoming less and less of an option for company executives and small business owners, but there are a few stoppers that have been keeping organizations from moving forward with their information security posture.


The stoppers we’re talking about are budget and information security plans designed for the small and midsize businesses, the changing nature of cyberthreats, and a shortage of cybersecurity experts to bring on board to fend off cybercriminals adequately.


Being in the industry for more than 15 years and having noticed these challenges has brought us to reformulate our MyCSO services so that we can fill in the gaps and help organizations move forward and defend themselves and their data assets from cyber risks.


The lack of cybersecurity options for small to midsize businesses is clear when you note that:



To help small and midsize businesses onboard an information security plan, we’ve designed our MyCSO services to cover their needs by including:


  • An in-depth assessment of the current state of security of the business by utilizing our proven Secure24 methodology, which identifies all potential risks to a business.  The assessment also identifies the organization’s compliance requirements to ensure those aren’t left unattended, which can bring about fines in addition to associated risks.
  • Based on the assessment a plan will be created to remedy the current risks and determine responsibilities, as well as timetables for the remediation plan.
  • Continuous collaboration will continue in order to ensure the success of the remediation plan in place.  We meet with businesses quarterly to consult and assist with the company’s team on their progress, as well as provide additional recommendations moving forward.


Since an information security plan is something that requires consistent monitoring due to the changes of technology and the cyber risks they come with, our Secure24 Cyber Security Program Assessment Methodology is the best way a business of any size can identify a strategic roadmap that will work for years to come and allow for the right tactical risk mitigation efforts to take place.


In order to assist with the shortage of cybersecurity expertise and the everchanging cyber threats, MyCSO also includes expanded services that encompass these different areas of concern:

  • Our Cyber Security Staffing Solutions provides a company with a team of experts for their business, both nationally and internationally, that include subject matter experts in the fields of Information Security, Data Forensics, and Business Continuity.  This covers all the bases for a holistic information security posture.
  • Web app and website testing, quarterly external network testing, as well as quarterly phishing testing to assist businesses with the threats that are coming from being online and using email, as well as the cloud to store data.  The number of businesses that have employees falling for phishing scams and using vulnerable web apps is only growing, which makes this type of regular testing necessary.
  • Real time security event management 24x7x365 and real time network malware monitoring.  We provide these types of services so that organizations may always have eyes on their network and know of emerging viruses that could threaten their company.

In addition to the above MyCSO extended services, we’ve also included the development of policies, procedures and controls that are at the core of every strong security program.  We work with businesses to develop these documents by using NIST, HiTrust and ISO Standards.


Other areas of that require attention and are included in our MyCSO add-on services are vendor risk management and contract negotiation with security in mind, as well as cyber breach insurance.


  • Vendor and third party risks very real; whether we’re talking to a healthcare provider, financial institution or energy company.  All types of businesses are adopting new technology and devices that are connected online and offered by outside providers; these external partnerships and tools are not secure.
  • Cyber Breach Insurance is the final piece to the comprehensive security program.  NCX Group is partnering with a top 10 Cyber Insurance Company to provide this service.  The best part is that every MyCSO Client will receive a significant discount on their policy.


The digital landscape is always changing, which is why cyber risks change too and the reason for our MyCSO services update.  We’re in the business of helping businesses to proactively defend themselves from these risks.  Our people, expertise and battle-tested methodologies are meant to help you run your business and not have to worry about information security.


If you’re ready to move forward with cybersecurity or maybe you just have some questions about information security for your business, give us a call.


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