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Two areas of focus to overcome the problem with patch work cybersecurity

As technology advances, so do the cybersecurity options that can assist in securing the enterprise. However, these options are tools, and although they provide a solution to the cybersecurity skills gap, they also create a false sense of security that executives are not aware of (due to them not being experts in the areas of cybersecurity and tech).

The importance of security and data privacy to keep customers

One of the biggest problems from a data breach for companies is the loss in consumer trust following a breach event. This loss of trust involves loss of customers and an effort on the part of companies to regain that trust to keep customers. Both regaining and/or keeping consumer trust can present a challenge when CEOs aren’t pushing for holistic security measures.

Why businesses need to take email security up a notch

When you realize that email is the means to breach in 96% of the cases, you can’t deny the importance of taking the necessary steps to protect against this security threat; yet studies show that despite this knowledge companies are not allocating enough resources to reduce email risks.

Patching, The new Whack a Mole Game

A report by the Ponemon Institute takes a closer look at one of the cybersecurity areas organizations continue to have challenges with: patching vulnerabilities. While the study reveals that businesses are planning to hire more cybersecurity staffing resources to help with vulnerability response, the solution needs to go beyond that to truly beat this ongoing issue.

How SMBs get ahead of cyber threats

Year after year, research shows that businesses continue to struggle with holistic cybersecurity and basic cybersecurity hygiene. The reasons for this struggle involve a number of things…

Why cyber threat hunting is a must for your cybersecurity posture

Organizations have a lot on their hands when it comes to managing cybersecurity risks. There’s always some new threat to deal with; but luckily, there are also a number of ways organizations can combat these threats. One of these ways, somewhat lesser known, but that is gaining momentum, is cyber threat hunting.