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New services in 2022


2021 was still a significant challenge for all of us and 2022 looks to be more of the same.  Cybersecurity and data privacy programs will be a major challenge for many organizations in 2022.  


Challenges are brought forth by 

  • The recent record-setting ransomware attacks. 
  • The increasing threats targeting remote workforces, supply chains. 
  • New government regulations to meet the cybersecurity challenges, which make it more difficult for companies who are already struggling with their security measures put forth by this ever-changing environment. 


Like a lot of organizations, your company might be feeling the strain from recent events in both IT and a remote workforce.   


We are seeing many organizations are not addressing important cybersecurity gaps in their incident response and business resiliency plans because of the changes brought about by remote workforces, digital transformation, or both. 


Studies have also confirmed the challenges businesses are having in keeping up with the significant changes in business operations and cyber resiliency. 


  • One such study is the recently released World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022 report, which shows that less than one-fifth (17%) of cyber leaders feel confident that their organizations are cyber-resilient.  


After a year of analyzing this new threat landscape ourselves, we’ve reimagined all our cybersecurity and data privacy services to address these new threats and to provide companies with more insight to risks associated with your business, as well as the solutions to protect your business. 


Here’s what’s new in cybersecurity services in 2022 that can help companies get cyber resilient and ahead of the new cyber threat landscape. 


Updated cybersecurity services 

We’ve made significant changes and additions to:  

  • Secure24 Assessment  
    • NCX Group’s Secure24 Cybersecurity Assessment can give you the guidance and insight you need to protect your organization in today’s digital world. For 2022 we have added Cloud Security Posture Management, Cyber Risk Scoring, Ransomware Susceptibility Scoring, and modeling for Breach and Disruption Finanancial Impacts. 
  • MyCSO Managed Security Operation Services 
    • NCX Group MyCSO provides the essentials for a modern security operations center. Our Concierge Security Team uses advanced machine learning, and comprehensive, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence offers Managed Detection and Response, Managed Risk Management, Managed Incident Response, and Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training. 


We’ve added new stand-alone services:  

  • Cloud Security Posture Management 
    • NCX Group Cloud Security Posture Assessment helps uncover and address security threats in your cloud and container environments. By identifying undetected threats, we help protect your systems from misconfigurations, policy violations, and other risks. 
  • Vendor Risk Management 
    • The NCX Group VRM solution pinpoints and mitigates the risks associated with your vendors, saving you time, money, and headaches.  With our solution, you’ll have visibility into how each vendor operates, their security posture, and which ones have implemented sufficient controls. This gives you the confidence to outsource critical tasks to third parties without putting your business at risk. 
  • GRC 
    • Governance, Risk, and Compliance platform quickly and easily define internal control sets, perform assessments and manage risk across your entire organization. 
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training 
    • Cybersecurity awareness training suits companies of all sizes and features highly engaging micro-learning content based on real world incidents, which helps everyone to avoid common mistakes that put your business at risk. 


Additionally, we’ve added Threat Modeling:

  • Threat Modeling will quantify the potential financial impacts due to a cybersecurity breach, ransomware attacks and unexpected disruptions and downtime in your organization.   


Everything is designed to provide you with more information on new and emerging threats so that you can adjust your defenses and plan more effectively.  


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