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Organizations have a lot on their hands when it comes to managing cybersecurity risks.  There’s always some new threat to deal with; but luckily, there are also a number of ways organizations can combat these threats.  One of these ways, somewhat lesser known, but that is gaining momentum, is cyber threat hunting.


While traditional security solutions tend to be reactive in nature, cyber threat hunting is proactive in that it searches through an organization’s network to detect and isolate advanced threats.  This makes it the perfect addition to any cybersecurity posture.


The second annual online research project by the Information Security Community on LinkedIn revealed that six out of 10 organizations are planning to build out threat hunting programs over the next three years.  The research also looked at the benefits organizations gain from threat hunting and some of the challenges that are playing a role in adopting threat hunting within the enterprise.


A look at both these areas can help CEOs and CIOs get a clearer picture on why cyber threat hunting is a great addition to their cybersecurity posture to stay ahead of emerging threats and how they can go about overcoming barriers to adoption.


Threat hunting benefits

  • Organizations improve the speed of threat detection and response by a factor of 2.5x compared to security teams without dedicated threat hunting platforms.
  • 64% of organizations gain improved detection of advanced threats.
  • 63% of organizations reduce investigation time.
  • 59% of organizations save time from manually correlating events.


Threat hunting adoption challenges

  • 45% of organizations don’t adopt threat hunting due to lack of budget.
  • 15% of organizations have platform fatigue and therefore don’t want to add more platforms.
  • 10% of organizations say it’s not a priority for their SOC.
  • 7% find lack of training on threat hunting a problem.


What’s clear when you look at the benefits of threat hunting is that it helps you to detect advanced threats before they create damage and it saves time.  These two things automatically reduce costs for businesses, which in turn overcome the budget barrier to adoption.


In addition, organizations can substitute least effective security tools and solutions with threat hunting.  In doing so, not only do companies make room in the budget for adoption, but they also don’t add to platform fatigue for security teams.


When it comes to protecting your business it’s always a benefit if you take a proactive approach and with the added benefits that come from adopting threat hunting programs you are more likely to detect hidden threats and neutralize them before they disrupt your business, compromise your data, and cost you in losses.


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