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Keeping up with the latest developments in the field of IoT security is essential in this day and age. Each day, new security vulnerabilities and threats arising from intelligent devices, connected devices, and security cameras are identified. A recent survey by Altman Vilandrie & Company found that nearly half of U.S. firms using an IoT network have suffered a breach of some kind – costing smaller companies up to 13% of their annual revenue.

For organizations that have avoided falling victim to these costly incidents, investment in the highest quality IoT security solutions was key. IT decision-makers reported choosing solutions based more on provider reputation and product quality than cost, instead of settling for cheaper options that may leave businesses vulnerable.

Interestingly enough, 68% of organizations think about IoT security as a distinct category, yet only 43% have a standalone budget for it. Additionally, 74% of surveyed organizations centralize the decision-making process related to IoT security across all business units within the organization. The top three reasons listed for implementing such measures were “preventing loss of control over IoT devices,”; preventing breaches of customer information, and preventing breaches of company data” – all critical factors when considering a complete security solution for enterprises.

With decades of experience under our belts, we know that true data protection only comes with holistic approaches to security – where quality far outweighs cost-saving considerations. This study reinforces this truth: investing in more thorough cybersecurity solutions for your organization can save you from potentially catastrophic financial losses due to IoT security incidents. Take pre-emptive action today before it’s too late!

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The sooner you look into the best security solution for your organization, the less likely you will face hefty IoT security breach costs.

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