Compliance Doesn't Equal Security!

Bringing Information Security to the Forefront

Information security is only truly effective when organizations treat it like a business process.  This means doing things like assessing your security posture on a regular basis, eliminating the communication gap between leadership and security professionals and implementing the necessary steps to meet compliance while not overlooking the human component involved in maintaining a strong security posture.

Being prepared to respond appropriately against the stream of rapidly changing threats, technologies, and business conditions is not easy.  It requires identifying and evaluating potential vulnerabilities, developing information security programs and mitigating risks.  Two of the biggest challenges we’ve noticed businesses face to fulfill their security needs include resources and the know-how.

We help your organization proactively maintain a secure enterprise and adhere to regulatory compliance by providing you with the resources and the level of security assessment and testing that fits your business needs. We have the expertise and state-of-the-art tools to help you mitigate risks and maintain effective security programs to meet your operational complexity; a thorough evaluation of operational security risks, followed by necessary recommendations.

 How NCX Group’s Information Security Services can help:

  • Information Security Assessment – Secure24 Comprehensive Security Review
    With our information security assessment you gain an in-depth view of your company’s business and technology environment identifying the risks and mitigation strategy necessary to ensure you never let your guard down.  Add Penetration Testing and you also address your: external and internal networks, physical security, network topology, and directory and domain services. Our testing helps you shape and direct your information security strategy by identifying vulnerabilities and quantifying their impact so that proactive, appropriate steps can be taken and corrective action implemented.
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    When you undergo our vulnerability assessment you gain an exploratory view of your external and internal networks to reveal shortcomings that need to be addressed immediately such as: configuration issues, Web application vulnerabilities, unpatched updates, open ports, and other vulnerabilities that could make you accessible to exploits and unauthorized access. For your Internet facing systems, which are continuously undergoing changes, there is our Vulnerability Scan. Scanning on a regular basis is a must because your secure environment can change unexpectedly with newly added equipment, mergers, or even when you conduct downsizing activities. A network vulnerability scan from experts with the right tools gives you the confidence that your critical information is protected from overlooked configurations or undocumented changes.
  • Web Application Testing
    57% of companies are not testing app security, yet 90% of information security vulnerabilities are found here. If you are not testing your apps now is the time to start.  Our web app testing service identifies weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your Web applications before they are exploited by malicious attackers.
  • Preparing for PCI
    Complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) isn’t an easy task.  It is an ongoing process and every aspect of risk should be assessed to ensure all risk areas are identified and remediated.  True compliance will follow good security practices and go far beyond a checkmark. Many companies misunderstand the limitations of a PCI audit and believe that a QSA will identify all their exposures, and be responsible for their security and any breaches that might occur after they are gone. This simply is not the case. That type of security due diligence falls to the company responsible for meeting compliance and securing its transactional data. NCX will help you prepare for your audit and reduce the time a QSA spends on site.  This in turn reduces your audit costs while increasing your overall security posture.


    Whether we conduct a full Information Security Assessment or tailor our services specific to your needs, you will have a complete assessment to build the security program right for your business. We have helped many companies prepare for PCI DSS compliance and even more importantly, secure their critical data.

  • Policies and Procedures
    We provide you with the policies and procedures you need, that fit the specifics of your business environment, that meet your industry’s best practices, compliance regulations, and stand up to audit scrutiny.  Over the last 15 years, after 1000’s of security assessments for businesses in all types of industries (rushing to meet regulatory and compliance requirements), we have seen some terrible information security polices and procedures that rendered our efforts and assistance useless. We don’t want you to become one of them, let us help.

The threat of internal and external incidents that can compromise employee records, Social Security numbers, banking and credit card information, healthcare information, and business intelligence challenge your business’ integrity, cost thousands, and unsettle your entire business environment.  Ensure your business environment and information assets are secure and safe when you gain all the pieces that make up the information security puzzle.

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