What Will You Do When Something Goes Wrong?

Are You Ready for a Security Breach and Court?

When a hacker gains access to your network, the need to quickly determine the point of entry, how the attack occurred, and what information the attacker gained access to is critical. The better prepared your organization is to respond quickly and effectively, the better chance you will have to minimize the damage.

 As more and more court cases are won thanks to the proper handling of electronic evidence it becomes quite obvious how vital it is for your business to ensure proper handling takes place when a breach incident occurs.  With the correct incident response services and team you will be prepared.   NCX Group ensures your investigations are conducted thoroughly and professionally.  We search for, collect, preserve and analyze electronic data in a way that stands up in court through our Incident Response and Computer Forensics Services.

How NCX Group’s Incident Response and Computer Forensics Services can help:

NCX Group’s Incident Response Services ensures you have a team of experts ready to respond immediately to a breach event.  We secure your data and analyze information gathered from both volatile and static data such as malicious code, malformed packets, covert channels, reverse shells, rootkit infection and other data relevant to the incident.

Services We Provide:

  • Data Forensics
  • Data Recovery
  • E-Discovery

Our computer forensic team includes many former law enforcement professionals who have front-line experience in computer forensics, investigations and evidence presentation, as well as trial testimony.

Computer investigations with NCX Group’s Services include:

  • Collecting and preserving electronic data using court-approved tools and techniques
  • Recovering “deleted” data
  • Expert analysis of collected data
  • Deposition and trial testimony

Furthermore, our Incident Response and Computer Forensics professionals will help your organization through the confusion of a breach and the complexity of safely extracting computer data evidence so you can bring your systems back up safely with minimal downtime.

Investigating a breach is much like the investigation of a crime scene. It is crucial that first responders don’t “walk” over data and destroy evidence, which may eventually be used in court to prosecute.  If you have experienced a security incident, call the experts at NCX Group as soon as possible. 

We stand ready to help you through the incident response and computer forensics investigation process!

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