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Learn From The Information Security Failures ALL Businesses Are Making, in The 7 Deadly Sins of Information Security


Over the last 13 years NCX Group a leading information risk management firm, has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of information security.  Some things you wouldn’t believe if I told you.  

Based upon our 13 years of experience of working with 1000′s of businesses, our analysis shows 7 critical elements to information security that businesses continue to struggle with in the development of an effective information security program.


What You Need To Know About Information Security Today

  • There is a 22% probability for a company to have a data breach (over a two-year period) that involves 10,000 or more confidential records.
  • Only 62% of businesses DON’T HAVE A SECURITY  to protect their IT infrastructure.
  • Only 55% of organizations DON’T HAVE A STRATEGY to protect their information assets.
  • 50% of companies have low or no confidence that they are making the right investments in people, process and technologies to address potential and actual threats.
  • The healthcare industry tops the list of industries with the highest per capita breach cost with each record costing $359

In The 7 Deadly Sins of Information Security You’ll Learn

  • How to treat Information Security as a Business Process – InfoSec is not a destination, just ask Target or Neiman Marcus.
  • The 3 Critical Information Security Components – Discover how people, process and technology work together to create a strong security.
  • How To Utilize Your Information Security Program to Grow Revenues
  • How to Avoid “The Communications Gap” Between the C-Suite and Security Pros.

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