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Cyber Ready

Why security assessments are key

A security assessment is often a difficult task to conduct. The workforce needs to be skilled and trained on the tools, techniques, and procedures of the organization’s risk management strategy. This way they may be able to complete a thorough and accurate assessment. It is important for businesses that are based online or provide some level of web access because there is always somebody looking out for ways to hack into your site, your network and gain unauthorized access to your data. 

When you realize how vulnerable you are due to conducting business in the digital era where web apps and vendors put you at risk, in addition to your own technology and network, you understand the need of being cyber ready and why security assessments are a fundamental part of the process.  

What makes a security assessment so important is that it can find where you need to strengthen your security, and this eliminates the blind spot. It also gives you what steps to take next to get your cybersecurity back on track. 

Security assessments give you visibility 

  • When you get an assessment, you can be sure to eliminate all blind spots.  
  • A security assessment also helps you to identify a baseline of where you stand with your hybrid or remote workforce. 
  • You also get an in-depth overview of the current state of your office cybersecurity needs. 

Security assessments give you your next steps 

  • By identifying weaknesses, security assessments map out what can be addressed immediately and kept an eye out for, so that vulnerabilities are taken care of on an ongoing basis. 
  • Since you have insight into how well your team is doing with cybersecurity, you will know what type of cybersecurity training may be ideal for them at this time. 
  • You also gain visibility of your team’s compliance and if they have dealt with left over vulnerabilities from previous assessments. 

Security assessments give you information for the board and partners 

  • With a complete overview of security vulnerabilities and next steps, you know where to allocate resources for best cyber ready measures. 
  • Using your network to conduct business involves many elements, from your network to your remote application processes, to your web apps and vendors. All of these aspects and more are important to keep secure, which you can now do.  
  • Conducting regular security assessments can also strengthen the trust your board has in you and the relationship you have with partners, as well as the entire tools you use to conduct business in the long run. 

The integration of security measures that come up with your assessments allows for new features to be added that will undergo regular testing before being deployed and integrated in your company’s toolkit for business operations.  

Plus, with the right incident response and business continuity plan set up, you are now also able to monitor what’s happening in your network and everything connected to it.  This means incoming and outgoing traffic are identifiable, so you can catch any intruders who might be lurking within your system. 

Lastly, by being diligent with security assessments and what is reported, you are always updating your security tools when those updates become available, which is important for everyone. 


Let us know if you need help with your security assessment needs to be cyber ready with any of today’s growing threats. A remote and hybrid workforce have increased what aspects require more monitoring particularly because of the use of web apps and collaboration tools, not to mention vendors and the risks of partners as well. 

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