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The value of network security is something every CEO and CIO, or other business executive, is aware of (or should be, one should hope).  In one way or another, the executives are always looking to be effective in what they set up. The thing is, to be effective with cybersecurity overall, there is a need to take a holistic approach and to have the knowledge on what’s important, what’s not, what’s smoke in your eyes, and so on.

We extensively highlight and share information on these topics through our blogs and on our consulting calls with executives to help them get on track with all areas of cybersecurity and their holistic posture; to keep eyes on all, including network security.

One of the areas that is a bit more technical in nature is what we want to spend some time sharing with you today.  It is the IPK approach to help with network security and cybersecurity as a hole, even your organization’s network performance.  To keep it simple, here’s a breakdown of the top three issues IPK solves:

  1. Increased communications capacity by reducing the overhead on the CPU
  2. Less energy per bit
  3. Significantly increased security

Before we dive into the benefits of IPK for these issues it solves, it’s important to understand the efficacy of IPK for your network security in and of itself; but without boring you with all the technical lingo (we will have the opportunity to discuss this on a consulting call for those who will pursue this if interested in adopting IPK with NCX Group).

  • When you are actively using your network there are not many changes in the encryption scheme or cryptographic key, which is what gives you a layer of protection from attacks and breaches.
  • What this means is that the network creates a very predictable environment for the attackers to compromise, since they will sit and incessantly try to get into your network.  That’s what they do, and eventually, by brute force they can get in.  Now you know why getting inside your organization’s network system can happen.

Even though that’s a bit technical for those who are not CIOs or IT executives, it’s not too technical to where a CEO, business executive, or board member would not be able to understand how a cybercriminal can bypass your existing network security options, even with a holistic cybersecurity posture.  However, just in case it isn’t that clear, here’s another example.

  • If you have a jigsaw puzzle with only a number of ways to solve it; once you apply yourself to figure out all the ways involved you will eventually get the solution to all the patterns.
  • On the other hand, if the jigsaw puzzle’s solutions vary in a way that you can’t learn all the patterns, then that’s going to make it that much harder to solve any of the patterns, but even just to try and solve one of them.

So, while encryption and cryptographic keys are important, as are your security tools and people (the experts in security that you work with and your employees); it is also important to have technology that creates changes within the machinery itself, if that makes sense.

A network is invisible to the eye, yet the layout is the same of a road.  It is manmade, which is why cybercriminals can find their way around.  With an added layer that creates a road less predictable, you increase your chances of avoiding a successful breach to your network.

The other issues IPK solves that were mentioned, enable you to have a network that is better in communication since it is using less energy and under less stress through the reduction of the overhead on the CPU.  It makes sense, like the motor of a car that adds something to its parts, which helps it to perform better thanks to the way the part is constructed and fits within its own design (the way the motor is made to work).

As always, we are here to be of assistance when you need and in all ways for your cybersecurity.  Schedule your free consultation at any time.

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