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No one could have expected to have actively adapted and integrated a digital and online world in the work field, in all industries, the way the world did in just one year.

As organizations rushed to set up remote workforce, remote education, and remote teams to conduct governmental, financial and banking, and healthcare operations, everyone did the best they could to set everything up securely.

Now that we know the “new norm” (as some have named it) is pretty much here to stay, it’s time to take cybersecurity up a notch with what’s become an integral part of this changing world: remote work and operations; and for now, still semi remote life, depending on where you live.

The increased security risks that companies face come from the remote aspect because network connections are now from unsupervised home networks, devices are being used without the technical team handy to support in moments of need, and devices are also shared amongst family members due to necessity, like children homeschooling.

This is not the first time we talk about upping cybersecurity practices and activities within the enterprise; but usually it’s in a way that discusses those areas of disconnect between the security executives, business executives, and the board, and conducting business operations with cybersecurity as part of the business processes themselves (you know, having a cybersecurity culture).

Yearly, the entire cybersecurity industry voices the concerns with information security practices and risk management and businesses.  Studies show year after year the areas of improvement and/or lack thereof improvement, as well as the areas of disconnect from departments within a company, to the software used and the challenge with patching, to the deployment and use of new types of connected devices that haven’t been developed with security in mind.

There is always a gap in one or two areas where companies could do and be better with their cybersecurity efforts.  It doesn’t matter what year you go back to and review; somewhere, you’ll always find that business and cybersecurity hold a disconnect.

The question is, do you know why?

It’s not for lack of trying on anyone’s end.

Yes, sometimes there’s a lack of awareness and taking cybersecurity seriously or a lack of transparent communication across teams and cybersecurity executives, and the board.  But those are not the fundamental reasons either.

The reason, the real reason, is that cybersecurity is hard.

Cybersecurity is complex because it has many layers.  There are many offline and online areas to take into account and secure for every business, for all industries, large and small.

Add to these layers the remote work that is now at hand, with home offices and schools, and you can see how all of the security risks from pre-remote times, just exponentially increased.

With the right support though, executives can take away the hard from cybersecurity.  It becomes clear and easy when you have someone to point you in the right direction and walk you through the cybersecurity aspects of people, process, and technology.

As cybersecurity experts with a holistic posture in mind for all risk management needs, NCX Group has taken some additional steps this year to fill in the gaps and support businesses the best we can in these trying and changing times. Here’s what to expect.

  • The Bite Size Security podcast – The plan and focus for the podcast going forward is to help those Fortune 5 Million Businesses.  Those businesses with less than 100 employees that have been greatly impacted by the shutdowns of this pandemic.  You will join Mike Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder of NCX Group, on this journey. Tune in to the episode to hear more about the plan and focus in his words: Episode 8: Welcome Back – Looking Forward To 2021.
  • The Security Briefing – The blogs that provide you with insights on risk management topics, news, and trends ongoingly, will integrate more content with remote workforce security risks in mind.
  • NCX Group Monthly Newsletters: Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly insights and guidance on best cybersecurity practices and tips, plus executive pointers from our very own CEO and Founder, Mike Fitzpatrick.
  • NCX Group provides CMMC certification alongside NIST 800-171 compliance services for businesses who want to bid on DoD contracts or have DoD contracts they want to keep.
  • MyCSO Cybersecurity Services – For small and midsize enterprises, 24/7 support and all that is needed to protect from risks.
  • MyCSO Cybersecurity Training services – Free, Lite, and Pro options; with pro providing you with a complete security awareness training solution for your SMB’s remote workforce.

But that’s not all, we have some more areas that are in development such as the revamp of the website with new information, and tech updates too.

So, stay tuned!

All of the above and what is in the works makes cybersecurity easy and helps your business succeed in these changing times.  That’s the goal of it all, your cybersecurity success!

Let’s talk if you want the human element before making any decisions on what cybersecurity services or the type of security awareness training your company’s remote workforce may need.

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