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In an article by Eric Chabrow, Continuous Monitoring as a Cost Saver, he discusses the benefits of continuous diagnostics for the federal government’s information risk needs.  Although the article focuses on the government’s situation, the benefits of continuous monitoring for information security are valid for all business types.


Three results from continuous monitoring that all business owners and executives will appreciate include:

  • Cost savings

  • Reducing exposure to risk

  • Meeting compliance requirements


One way enterprises can look into implementing a continuous monitoring system is through services such as NCX Group’s very own MyCSO.  MyCSO allows you to have the right amount of expertise to address your risks at all times; while also giving you options to choose from to find the most suited set of services for your security needs.


  • MyCSO Advisor gives you the opportunity to have one-on-one access to an expert in information security, business continuity, and incident response

  • MyCSO Analyst provides you with customized security event management, log management, and security event correlation

  • MyCSO Assurance offers a fully customized program that tackles the strategic objectives, as well as the tactical requirements, of an information security assurance program


Saving money, improving security standardization deployment and measurement, as well as reducing required compliance costs are all long term financial and security benefits for any organization.  Also, as the article by Chabrow mentions, having a continuous diagnostics in place for your security can replace the need to take an audit-compliance approach to your network security, which requires more personnel and time for reporting.


When opting to regularly monitor your network you will be able to check the system’s security on an ongoing basis; this will leave little room for system vulnerabilities to be unseen.  Don’t continue spending more than you have to in order to keep your facility secure.  Implement a continuous monitoring system and get back to growing your business.