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Information Security Challenges for CIOs


The CIO is in charge of various information security areas; this can make it challenging to ensure top security and compliance are met at all times.  The challenge doesn’t arise from any lack on the part of the CIO, but it arises from the limited time and resources available to them.


Two perfect examples that can illustrate where CIOs find it useful to have additional support to maximize their efforts and ensure optimal information security include breach detection and action, and adopting new technology and software.


Breach detection and action

When it comes to breaches the CIO is in charge of training staff to avoid breach, but also detect and respond to breaches.  For healthcare facilities there’s an added responsibility to comply with HIPAA Omnibus, which is reporting a breach when it has occurred.  In order to strengthen breach prevention and response, distributing those responsibilities is a sure way to buff up your information security system.  Only an extra set of hands can provide a 24/7 protection option.


Adopting new technology and software

New devices and software adoption allow enterprises to increase the level of everyday performance; just look at the healthcare industry and EHR.  Since the devices and software function through a network, ensuring the network is secured is fundamental to the proper delivery and use of the acquired tools.  Furthermore, actively responding to bugs or software upgrades and changes is also a must.  While the CIO stays informed on the best tools for the industry, trains staff and stays up to date on the acquired devices and software; an external security team can assist in vetting the network and software for any vulnerabilities (on an ongoing basis).


If the CIO is expected to lead and train the IT team, meet policies necessary for security compliance, mitigate risks and ensure business continuity when adopting new devices or in the case of an unforeseen event (such as a hurricane); it is only normal that a combined effort is required.  The benefit and necessity behind collaborating with additional information security experts is quite obvious, no matter what type of industry is involved.


No one ever wins a battle alone, especially not one where there are a team of individuals just waiting to find your network’s vulnerabilities and grab what they want.  So, how are you ensuring your organization and CIO have the information security power you need to establish a top performance plan? One that will provide you with a comprehensive security review to identify risks so that you may protect your business and customers from attackers?


Photo Courtesy of Juan Pablo Olmo