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Strengthening data security to protect clients’ privacy is not an easy task, but it is a ‘must do’ to avoid business losses.  There are at least three top barriers to a business’ success in implanting a strong information security plan: technology, resources, and knowledge.


  • Constant evolution of technology and technological trends requires continuous updates in a business’ information security system.
  • Frequent change and updates in this area also implies continuous exposure to vulnerability, no matter what and when the latest measures were taken.
  • BYOD and the cloud are not going away. This means businesses also need preparedness towards external platforms, which they have no control over and do not own themselves.


  • Funding is one reason for the lack of adequate technology needed to maintain and continuously improve an effective data breach information security system.
  • Another area where resources play a part in an organization’s level of information security preparedness is the possibility to invest in the necessary employee training and tools.


  • Knowledge and expertise are limited even if a business has the resources to invest in employee training and tools because the funding available for an institution is divided among all departments.  This means a company can manage a little bit of everything, but it can not specialize in one area (in this case information security).

A business has two options to overcome the three barriers to a strong data breach defense system:

  • To invest a lot more time, effort and money in house; or to outsource their efforts to a trusted information security professional and team prepared to face the information security challenges from the get go.

When a data breach occurs, companies lose sensitive and private information (at a cost); but they can also lose their clients’ business.  Reputation and information security are two fundamentals to maintaining a good business standing in the eyes of the end client because they involve trust.

No matter how small the industry or company (a hospital facility, an enterprise, a school, a bank) any loss of sensitive and private information, will get attention. The news will talk about it and the business that had a data breach gets known for being vulnerable and not safe.  There is no way around the consequence of a data breach except to nullify the threat through preparedness.