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Security Assessments Are Missing the Mark.

 Unfortunately, Compliance does not equal Information Security; preparation and evaluation does.

Are you at Risk?

Research shows security assessments focused solely on compliance requirements like (PCI, HIPAA, SOX etc…) are too limited in scope and are not addressing all of the risks facing today’s businesses.   Additional analysis shows that organizations must become more focused on the development of a Holistic Information Risk Management program.  What’s needed is a comprehensive strategy for reducing costs, eliminating gaps and mitigating risks associated with people, process and technology.  Once established, your information risk management program will reduce compliance costs and improve your security posture year after year, while providing you the assurance needed for clients and business partners to grow your business.

Change is Constant

Information risk management today is change, you must adapt to new threats, increased compliance and regulation, and it’s never static.  In light of this new research and emerging trends, let me ask you these questions: 

  • Have you developed a Holistic Information Risk Management Program?
  • Can you sleep at night with your current security posture?
  • Are you satisfied with your current assessment results?
  • Are your current information security reports comprehensive, validated and actionable or are they a best guess and incomplete at best?
  • What are you missing?
  • Do you think it’s time for a change?

Expect More

For an optimal holistic approach to information risk management you want a 24-point, 360-degree view of your organization and the risks associated with people, process and technology.  Our Secure24 assessment includes these components; plus, comprehensive reports, validated findings and actionable remediation process.

Some of the key components in Secure24 are the following:

Not all security assessments are the same; and you will notice this when you take a look at the different assessments out there. 

To receive your copy of our sample report, email us at [email protected], with the subject line “Sample Secure24 Report” and we’ll send it out for your review.

Leave nothing to chance.


Photo Courtesy of Victor Habbick of FreeDigitalPhotos.net