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Infosec challenges of 2013With the new mandates put in place by ObamaCare, information asset protection will be even more important in 2013 than ever before. The mandates are already causing businesses to trim jobs. More than 120,000 jobs have already been lost since the 2012 Presidential elections took place in November. This is causing companies to find ways to do more with less help. This is especially true in the healthcare industry where information asset protection is a top priority. Hospitals are also trimming jobs, which is affecting their IT Security Departments. Outsourcing their information asset security jobs is the best alternative to keeping patient and employee information secure.

MyCSO provides information asset protection for the healthcare industry. We will ensure that your system meets security requirements, while keeping your costs contained. Outsourcing these services allows you to cut costs on full-time information security personnel. You also save money that would be wasted cleaning up messes made by security breaches in your system.

Benefits of MyCSO Information Asset Protection

MyCSO InfoSec solutions help healthcare providers reduce security risks. This is done by increasing the level of IT security provided, and aligning your IT security with the objectives of your business. We focus on developing and deploying technical, organizational and management controls. Our goal is to ensure that your system meets the highest level of organizational and regulatory compliance possible.

As experts in the InfoSec industry, we know how important technology is to having a reliable security system. We also know that technology is just one component of an all-inclusive security solution. We don’t just take over your security tasks. We help you learn how to adopt a business culture that’s security-minded. By adopting this culture across the board, you help to leverage your most powerful business asset: Your People.

According to recent statistics, about 70% of all incidents related to information security are due to ignorance. That means that they could have been prevented had the proper training and procedures been put in place. This creates company-wide awareness about the importance of information security. Looking at it from this angle, it takes more than technology to address security. This requires having actual people on your team who are aware that InfoSec is a high priority for the healthcare industry. That’s why we help you plan and allocate the funds you spend on security through technology, processes, experts, training and awareness. This is the best way to maximize your security asset protection ROI.

Benefits of MyCSO At-a-Glance

MyCSO Information Asset Protection includes:

  • 3rd Party Auditing

  • Logical Data Control and Access

  • Mainframe Security

  • Ethical Penetration and Hacking Testing

  • Risk Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Intrusion Detection

MyCSO IT Auditing for InfoSec

MyCSO information asset protection solutions provide healthcare providers with a proven approach to security. We will assess your techniques, methods, architectures and frameworks to customize the right solution for you. We are professionals who understand the procedures required to plan, implement and execute your new security procedures.

The value of your healthcare facility can be found in the information assets. Without these assets, you can’t keep track of patient information that’s required for billing purposes. No billing means no income. The bulk of your information assets are in digital-form. Unlike your physical assets, digital assets can’t be touched or seen. However, they’re much more susceptible to damage or being destroyed right in your computer room or by a hacker on the other side of the globe. Your information assets need to be closely scrutinized by professionals you can trust. Contact NCX Group today, your source for information asset protection.

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