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Surprised BusinessmanIt would be the ultimate buzzkill to learn that data breaches you hear happening to other companies has now happened to yours, especially when your company’s security measures were strong, or so you thought.

There’s a dangerous disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to data security and that disconnect can come back to bite. It slowly begins when those responsible for their company’s data security become complacent or have a false sense of security, simply because a breach hasn’t happened yet. Many who thought their critical information was secure were surprised to discover it was not. How do we know? We only need to read the news. It’s alarming to learn that simple fixes and better due diligence could have kept most hackers at bay.

The key is to know if your critical data is vulnerable and if policies and processes are in place to head off an attacker. This is accomplished by identifying the state of your company’s security posture. A comprehensive security review can save you hundreds of thousands in data breach exposure costs and quickly identify areas requiring risk mitigation.

Remember, a secure environment can change unexpectedly with newly added equipment, mergers, or even conducting downsizing activities. Performing periodic network vulnerability scans from experts with the right tools will also help confirm that your critical information is protected from overlooked configurations or undocumented changes.

You probably already know that security threats have skyrocketed this year and data breaches are climbing to an all time high. This means it’s a risky time to have a wait and see attitude. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees, or even 100 employees, are proving to be more popular targets as hackers are finding them to be “low-hanging fruit” and “ripe for the pickins”. Why? Because they typically have weaker security measures in place and hackers view them as opportunistic. The end result can have significant repercussions to the business while the hacker exhibits little effort for a good payout. You can prove them wrong, and we can help.

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