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Investing in an effective Security Event Management program in-house is a huge undertaking. Not only are the initial tools expensive, the cost of implementation and ongoing management need to be considered as well. Then there are the policies and processes that must be in place and applied to support the program. All too often what once seemed like a great security and compliance initiative becomes an overhead burden to the business, and a time-consuming process for the IT department. Yes, there is a better way.

By outsourcing security event management, your company can implement a cost-effective information management program that supports the specific information risk requirements of your business.

Outsourcing security event management is typically a fraction of the cost it would take to equip and manage the same capabilities in-house. Add to that the expertise of highly qualified security analysts, real-time management of audit logs that track user authentication attempts and security device logs that record possible attacks, reports to help identify trends across your network so you can formulate proactive security measures, and adherence of stringent regulatory compliance, guidelines, and standards such as PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, and others.

How many times have you heard about a hacking incident that went on for months or a year without detection? The breached company then reports the intrusion was discovered by administrators during a routine maintenance, a security audit, or worst of all . . . by victims who alerted the company to the breach.

This can be a distressing discovery in any case because it is an announcement to customers and the communities they serve that appropriate measures were not taken to protect their critical data. Questions arise, and the public and stakeholders wonder why after all that time the IT department didn’t detect the intrusions happening under their watch, but that investigators were able to trace event logs back to the incident. The disturbing realization is that the company was capable of discovering the breach themselves all along had they been more diligent in monitoring and analyzing event-related information available to them in their logs

ISSUE: July 2009

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Proactive monitoring and management of logs created by your network infrastructure is an essential building block in sound security architecture. Log data from firewalls, domain controllers and other network devices need to be centrally collected and continually reviewed and managed as a proactive and strategic business process; not only on occasional intervals or time-appointed schedules, but 24x7x365. A Security Event Management service is ready to react to any incident – whether it is a failure in systems or detected intrusion.

The consensus in the media is that the massive job cuts caused by this recession will create a huge threat to enterprise security. Hackers are reported to be more aggressive now than at any other time in history – trying to gain access to personal identifiable information or intellectual property they can sell. Then of course you have the disgruntled former employees and dishonest insiders that have added to this heightened security concern.

If you do not have a proactive Security Event Management program in place, take precautions now and get a quote from an outsourced service provider like NCX Group. Outsourcing your Security Event Management program is not only less expensive than in-house development, it could save tens of thousands of dollars compared to a breach. It’s too easy to avoid the cost of a breach and the penalties of being non-compliant.

NCX Group welcomes the opportunity to give you a quote and provide the security event management services that will lighten your burden, save you money in long run, and give you peace of mind. Please visit our web site at www.ncxgroup.com to learn more about MyCSO Analyst, our security event management services.

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