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Insider threats are no joke and the hidden costs prove it

The types of security risks that organizations face vary in nature, which is why there’s such a push for all types of businesses to take a holistic approach to information security. Not only do businesses deal with the continuous evolution of threats, but they also deal with vulnerabilities that are hard to manage and resolve. One of these types of weak spots is insider threat.

Coming to terms with the ever changing information security landscape

Running a business requires the collaborative effort of good leadership, effective teamwork, and flexibility to adapt to changes in a timely manner. It also requires planning to reach short term goals, as well as long term ones. When it comes to information security the same applies, especially…

Your greatest risks are hiding in plain sight

Insider threat is quite a big deal when it comes to keeping data secure and has business executives on edge. A study by the Ponemon Institute found that although insider leaks and attacks continue to multiply…

How security affects three of the most important business KPIs

When talking about cybersecurity, highlights tend to be about breaches, costs, and different methods businesses can apply to contain and reduce both; but what about measuring security from a business perspective? Let’s take a look at how security affects some of the most important business KPIs.

Study shows that security and business objectives are really not that different

When companies average a cyberattack per month that costs them about $3.5 million per year in recovery costs, it’s safe to say that businesses are looking to reduce those costs. The information provided by the Ponemon Institute report, External Threats: Security Beyond The Perimeter, also reveals the challenges businesses are facing in doing this.

How businesses can use cybersecurity megatrends to improve

When looking at the recently released 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the takeaways for businesses are more than only the information on data breach cost changes and their impact on businesses. One of those additional pieces of information include data breach cost megatrends…

SMBs need to get started with cybersecurity before it’s too late

With more than 50% of SMBs experiencing breach in the past 12 months (Ponemon Institute), there’s a clear message for all businesses: No one is exempt from being a target of breach. The small business information security arena has been a bit less highlighted throughout the years, but…

A major key to improving data risk management

Lack of visibility of data assets continues to be a problem within the enterprise. A recent survey by the IRM reveals that two thirds of businesses still don’t know the value of critical data assets being targeted by cybercriminals….

A simple solution to incident response times and rising business costs

The Business Continuity Institute recently reported that two thirds of organizations surveyed had experienced at least one cyber incident in the past twelve months and that 15% had experienced at least 10 incidents during the same period. The study went on to explore response times and incident costs…

The real reason why organizations aren’t hiring CISOs

If you keep an eye out on the latest infosec news, you’re most likely aware of the talk around CISOs and the gap organizations have in filling the position. One of the most recent articles to discuss this painful reality made some valid points that actually say even more about organizations and the importance they give security.