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5 important business aspects that holistic security protects

When an executive doesn’t breathe security day to day like the CISO and CIO, their idea of security is a lot like onboarding a new software for team collaboration that they don’t use much. They know the software helps operations, but they are unclear of its full potential.

Security goes beyond the CEO and CIO

Businesses don’t always realize just how vulnerable they are to risks. This lack of insight isn’t from lack of trying, it’s simply that when you’re not in the industry of cybersecurity it’s only normal to have limited knowledge on it.

Solving the medical device security challenge

When it comes to securing devices, businesses are facing quite the challenge. 90% of IT security pros find that connected devices will be a major security issue this year and for medical devices, the picture is looking even harder.

Large Scale Cyber Attack (WCry2 Ransomware Outbreak)

Large-Scale Cyber Attack (WCry2 Ransomware Outbreak) Virus Name: WannaCrypt, WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r, WCrypt, WCRY Vector: All Windows versions before Windows 10 are vulnerable if not patched for MS-17-010. It uses EternalBlue MS17-010 to propagate. Ransom: between $300...

Why staying on track with IoT security needs to be a priority

IoT security is something that has been talked about for some time and as devices continue to grow, so do the threats that come along with them. When we take a look at what some of the IT security professionals have to say about connected devices, a Pwnie Express research shows that…